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Serving the petroleum marketing industry to increase the financial performance of our customers for over 35 years.

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FACTOR: Providing Petroleum Marketing Solutions

FACTOR® is a strong and stable company that delivers advanced and innovative business accounting and technology solutions to the petroleum marketing industry. No matter your line(s) of business, we can help you gain a superior return on investment and improve your financial performance. We help petroleum marketers involved with:

• fuel distribution and transportation
• convenience store operations
• consigned locations
• fuel brokerage
• cardlock operations
• bulk plants
• warehouses
• fuel jobbers
• lube distribution
• home heating/fuel providers

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“Prior to FACTOR, it took our store managers 3-4 hours to complete daily paperwork. Now it takes just 30-45 minutes, which gives them more time to focus on improving customer satisfaction."
Dan Broderick, Lott Oil Company, Inc.

"The store-level reporting FACTOR provides, allows us to know the state of our business as of yesterday, and to make educated decisions regarding our inventory and fuel. We know where we are making money, and where we are losing it, and that is a great tool for us to make the right decisions for our business."
Brent Straubinger, Rainey Cawthon Dist., Inc.

"FACTOR gives us total control over retail pricing and vendor invoicing, significantly reducing errors. Our margins have increased by 25%, so all of our items have a minimum of 40% gross margin.”
Terri Wessels, Wessels Oil Company, Inc.

“FACTOR has allowed us to grow our wholesale volume by 45%, while at the same time eliminating 60% of our workload.”
Molinda Kirkpatrick, MGK Logistics, LLC

"With FACTOR we have increased our wholesale customer base by 100 stores, a 200% growth in business, without any additional back-office staff.”
John Davis, Acree Oil Company

"We increased our business 50 million gallons overnight without adding any additional staff."
Rick Koch, ASAP Energy

"FACTOR reduced the time our store managers spend on daily paperwork from 60 minutes down to 15 minutes and helped reduce our home office staff by 50%."
Joe Dobson, Big Boss Stores, LLC.

"FACTOR has reduced the time it takes to file our state and federal motor fuel taxes by 92%. We used to spend 36 hours a month and now it only takes 3 hours. With FACTOR we are 100% certain that the taxes we pay are always accurate."
Irene Schmutz, Feece Oil Company

"FACTOR has significantly improved our inventory control. Margins have increased 5%!"
Pat Berry, McKenzie Oil Company, Inc.

"With timely and accurate store-level reporting, we know which items are selling, so we are able to make sound purchasing/pricing decisions for our store inventory."
John Logue, SAC, Inc

"The Wholesale Profit Analysis Report from FACTOR assures us that our gas loads are being billed at the correct price. It is a very effective tool for monitoring our wholesale business."
Mike Marong, Schmitt Sales, Inc.

"With a centralized price book, and the capability to scan inventory in and out, FACTOR has significantly improved our inventory control. Margins have increased 3-5%."
Al Boswell, Beach Oil Company, Inc.

"FACTOR has greatly improved the speed of our fuel purchasing and delivery. We have grown by 30,000,000 gallons in the last few years alone- a 15% increase in volume!"
Scott Marshall, Willoughby Oil, Inc.

"FACTOR has allowed us to grow our wholesale volumes by 71% without adding additional home office overhead."
Betty Catherman, Pro Petroleum, Inc.

"Since implementing FACTOR ExecuTrak®, we have seen a night and day difference in our operations and enjoyed a rapid return on our investment. There really is no replacement for a quality integrated accounting system."
Jeff Myers, Great Lakes Petroleum