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FACTOR® has been serving the petroleum marketing industry for over 35 years, focused solely on operational and profitability improvement for companies that buy and resell refined petroleum products. FACTOR is part of the WR Hess Company, a family-owned sister company (no relation to Amerada Hess), that has been in wholesale and retail petroleum marketing since 1946. Starting in 1977, Jerry Hess had a vision to automate business processes, streamline paperwork, minimize labor, and maximize profits. This “insider knowledge” works to your advantage, because we know what solutions you, as a fellow petroleum marketer, really need.

In 1979, FACTOR created a core solution—ExecuTrak®—that provided progressive marketers with advanced and innovative accounting, c-store, retail, wholesale, and fuel management software solutions. Today, we continue to grow and enhance our solutions so our customers can be successful. Our goal is to give customers true visibility into their business so they can make accurate and informed management decisions leading to growth and increased profitability. With our solutions serving over 450 customers across North America, 3,000 companies, and over 8,000 retail sites, our customers trust our technology to run their business.

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Customer We Serve

Our solutions and services are suited to organizations of all sizes from very large to medium and small. No matter what your line(s) of business, we can help improve your financial performance. We help petroleum marketers involved in fuel distribution, fuel brokerage, card lock operations, bulk plants, warehouses, consigned locations, and lube distribution, home heating/fuel providers, and convenience store operators and chains.  Our in-depth knowledge and experience optimizing business, home office, back office, and accounting processes helps companies increase staff productivity, margins and profits.



Our mission is to provide significant and measurable financial improvement for petroleum marketers in North America. We achieve this through implementation of proven industry leading technology solutions coupled with the best industry processes and practices.

We can help you:

  • Increase profitability and margins
  • Increase operation visibility
  • Gain accurate and timely information enabling sound business decisions
  • Reduce expenses and overhead
  • Improve efficiency and productivity


FACTOR – Your Trusted Partner

Ask any of our satisfied customers and they will tell you that FACTOR is more than “just a software solution.” Customers trust us to be problem solvers, and count on us to go the extra mile for them every day. At FACTOR, we understand the petroleum marketing and c-store industry. Our solutions not only meet your needs today, but are powerful enough to drive your future growth.


Three FACTORS of Success

  • Increase operation visibility
  • Informed decision-making with timely and accurate information
  • Increase profitability


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