DealerTrak™: Consigned Dealer Management Automation

There is only one company in the industry that offers a complete, integrated solution with a core accounting program. FACTOR’s DealerTrak cuts through the long wait times that petroleum marketers encounter operating consigned dealer locations. You no longer have to spend an inordinate amount of time gathering information (reports on fuel sales, fuel inventory, credit card receipts) from dealers and then manually entering it into the system. Our solution automatically retrieves inventory, sales information, and credit card receipts directly from the POS (Auto Polling) of the dealer location on a scheduled basis.


Automate Your Consignment Management Processes

  • Receive daily accurate information regarding your consigned locations business faster so you can increase productivity and improve overall profitability
  • Automatically calculate commissions and recommended fuel
  • Efficiently manage consigned location credit cards
  • Properly track fuel inventory-know how much fuel is in each tank and minimize fuel loss
  • Eliminate the need for a home office employee to enter sales and inventory information into the system
  • Eliminate the need for someone at the location to report the previous day’s fuel activity
  • Eliminate hours of time spent on manual entry, phone calls, and faxes
  • Easily report fuel dollar, gallon sales, and inventory levels to wholesaler



DealerTrak™ Flyer