DeliveryTrak®: Fuel Dispatch & Delivery Automation

FACTOR’s suite of Fuel Distribution Software Solutions provides a comprehensive fuel delivery system that automates fuel purchasing and distribution, from order generation through delivery and billing.


DeliveryTrak®, FACTOR’s Fuel Transport Automation module, automates the ordering, procurement, delivery, and invoicing processes for your fuel delivery and dispatch business. DeliveryTrak, our best-of-breed jobber software, eliminates paper tickets for loads and manual dispatching with the use of a mobile PC and printer in the delivery truck. The automation process integrates with ExecuTrak®, transferring the value of the data to the home office system to eliminate the need for 3rd party software.


Automated Oil Dispatch & Delivery Features

With DeliveryTrak you can:

  • Simplify management and organization of your delivery and dispatch processes
  • Increase margins and profits
  • Automate your accounting processes, invoicing, customer ACH drafting, and general ledger entries
  • Effectively manage reconciliations of BOL’s supplier invoices, EFT’s and credit cards
  • Simplify deliveries with truck automation and GPS
  • Boost driver productivity and utilize trucks more efficiently
  • Attain real-time information for management-motor fuel taxes, reporting, and financials
  • Reduce the cost of delivery and improve data accuracy through tighter internal controls
  • Eliminate hours of data entry from your home office and the risk of invoice errors



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