Financial Reporting

A “must-have” for today’s petroleum industry executives and managers is FACTOR’s Financial Reporting and Analysis solutions.  These tools bring order to the chaos of organizing and analyzing vital petroleum accounting data.  Each solution offers unique ways for executive management to easily and quickly review important business information.  Our reporting tools generate consolidated financial statements that help you identify trends quickly and effectively view, analyze, and manipulate company data.


User-defined data alerts immediately notify executive management of potentially critical business information, while powerful drill-down, graphing, and report writing tools rapidly sort large amounts of data and turn it into valuable knowledge.


Benefits of Petroleum Financial Account Reporting

Key Features: 

  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Sales and Marketing Analysis
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Product Profitability
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Fuel and Gasoline Sales
  • Retail and C Store Operations
  • Scanning and Inventory Data
  • Data Alerts
  • Open Period and Profit Center Accounting


Key Benefits: 

  • Access to timely  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, MTD, Annual and YTD Period Reporting
  • Reduce time spent on preparing key reports
  • Eliminate month-end bottle necks
  • Provide more timely accurate company information for management
  • Improve visibility with insight into trends and financial performance
  • Easily consolidate Profit and Lost statements
  • Create custom financial reports
  • Utilize graphical interfaces with Drill Down Capabilities
  • Maximize the value of your company data