FuelTrak®: Home Heat Delivery Automation

FACTOR presents FuelTrak®—the most comprehensive home heat solution with the functionality to create efficient workflows and streamline operations. Our robust solution is effective for managing LP Gas, Propane, and Fuel Oil Operations, and any other product delivery based on dispatch tickets and/or scheduled deliveries.


Through seamless connectivity and integration with ExecuTrak®, FuelTrak offers a complete accounting solution for your home heat/propane business. FuelTrak also integrates home heat dispatch delivery and invoicing processes through the use of truck automation (portable truck computers).


Automated Home Fuel Delivery Benefits

By minimizing manual entry and reconciliations FuelTrak enables you to:

  • Reduce operational costs associated with dispatch, delivery, and invoicing
  • Increase accuracy for all gallons delivered and billed
  • Improve customer service by increasing efficiency of delivery and customer response time
  • Optimize your delivery scheduling
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual audits



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