Customer Support

At FACTOR®, we pride ourselves on fast, friendly, and efficient customer support. Our experienced team of specialists located in Oklahoma City, OK, is here to assist you with your questions. Our “tiered support system” promotes accelerated attention to your needs. If an issue cannot be resolved in the initial support stages, your call is quickly escalated to a senior support specialist for resolution.

Whether you have questions about a report, need help closing your month, or simply have a question about best practices or business processes, FACTOR Customer Support is here to help.


Contact Customer Support

Contact Method and Hours of Operation

Phone: (877) 854-7888


7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, CST

Monday through Friday


Additional tools and information can be found on MyFactor Portal.


“The support reps are extremely knowledgeable and always very pleasant to work with.  I have not had a problem arise that they could not address in an accurate and timely manner.”

-Andora Collins, Rusher Oil